Customer ranking is a step towards improving customer relationship with the organization

Customer ranking is a step towards improving customer relationship with the organization

The role changes for your organization's and your company's contacts can be as follows:

First, one or a set of contacts in the role of a clue enter the system.

By conducting marketing processes, a clue becomes manual or automatic.

By making the first sale, an opportunity audience is converted to a customer.

With subsequent customer purchases or transactions that the customer has with your organization, it can be ranked bronze, silver, golden, etc..

And in the absence of customer purchases in certain time periods, the customer rank can be reduced automatically.

The CRM software allows you to rank your customers according to the appropriate formulation.

And, of course, the kind of dealing with customers based on different ratings in the organization can be different, and as a result, gold customers who have high purchasing volume will be the top priority, as well as their volume of credit will increase and more discounts on subsequent purchases for They will be targeted.

This structure can increase customer satisfaction from our organization and create repeat purchases from customers in your organization.

By providing a Loyalty Card and assigning an RFID card to customers, besides identifying customers faster and branding the logo of your organization, the customer club is activated, and customers can easily by rating the customer's rating and rate by visiting the club's club and Your credit will be notified.

With the introduction of integrated business management systems, IdeaParol Toluve software company meets your needs to keep customers and develop your business.

Systems like:

    Customer Relationship Management System (CRM software)
    Loyalty Card Management System
    customer club
    Online Store
    Mobile Catalog
    Accounting and Treasury
    And dozens of different modules to help manage your business.

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