Insightly, the Most Popular Google Apps CRM

Insightly offers tight integration with Google Apps through Insightly gadget, seamless sync with Google Calendar and Google Contacts, and easy access to Google Drive.

Saving and actioning email messages in an efficient and productive way is a big part of Insightly. With Insightly gadget we created a seamless Gmail CRM connection to give you the best of both worlds. Now, you can save any email to Insightly in just one click – giving you a full conversation history between you and your client, all efficiently indexed and searchable.

With the Insightly Gadget you can:

  • Create a new task, an opportunity or an associated project in Insightly.
  • Save a contact and edit that contact information instantly. Insightly will also cleverly link up the email sender to the task, opportunity or project if they are already in Insightly.
  • Associate important emails and their attachments with the relevant projects and opportunities – so you’ve got a record of exactly who said what right there on the page, and you’ll never lose an important file attachment again.
  • See at a glance the recent history for the contact or organization and the date and time of the last actions you had with that person.
  • Display the contact details, photo, and background information, all very conveniently shown right beneath the email itself.
  • Link to the contact or organization’s information page within Insightly so you can quickly pull up Insightly at exactly the right page.

Create a Seamless Google CRM Extension with Access to Google Apps and Google Drive

For online Google Apps users on our paid plans, Insightly offers the ability to sync your Insightly contacts with your Google Contacts list, and sync Insightly Events, Tasks and Milestones to your Google calendar. Search or browse your files in Google Drive from within Insightly, and link and attach any Google Doc or file to the relevant contact, organization, project or opportunity. You can even attach whole folders to items in Insightly with a click. And with 5GB free from Google with every account you have plenty of space to store, share, link, and collaborate.